Saturday, October 01, 2011

One week at Newcastle Upon Tyne

It has been a wonderful week here at Newcastle, the Geordie land, but feels like we have been here for very long. The place is cool, University is damn cool and the chicks are hot!!! This has been a wonderful week for me, full of events, shopping, sight seeing, parties and cooking at friends place. Met some pleasing personalities out here, and I am already sure that we are gonna be friends for life.

The Journey

Packed everything and set off the journey to Newcastle on 19th of September at 9:00pm, from Calicut via Dubai. Reached Dubai by 11:30pm and connection flight to Newcastle was at 7:20am the next day. That was a looooong wait at the Dubai airport terminal 3, but was not at all boring as I was with this wonderful girl Vibha, and we sat there and talked and talked and talked through the night. No sleeps. I am sure she enjoyed the company as much as I did.

Some more people joined us at airport, coming from different parts of India. Arun, Praveen, Abel, Pooja and many Chinese people whom I'd never recognise were there. We all were excited about the journey, the place and all other mysteries waiting down the lane. Just a few hours more!!!
Emirates treated us well with their services. Food and beverages were provided in time by the gorgeous attendees. :)


The flight landed on time at Newcastle airport and there were Newcastle University International Welcome team waiting for us already. Just before landing, the view from the flight was so beautiful, there were lot of greenery, fields, cattle and horses, which reminded me of #Farmville. The welcome team was very friendly and the took all of us to our respective accommodations. Mine is Newcastle University owned, student house at Leazes Terrace, which is right next to the legendary St. James Park foot ball stadium. A very clean and tidy place to live in. Unfortunately I din't get any fellow Indians on my floor, got a bunch of people from China instead. After reaching accommodation and collecting keys just kept all my luggages and I just rushed out to get the feel the city.

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International Students Welcome Week

Did all the formalities like registration, opening bank account, registering with the doctor etc etc in the first few days. There were some sessions held in different buildings. It was interesting to see all these buildings shattered here and there.

Life at Newcastle

Climate is pretty cool. Last week I felt it was too cold out here, but now can get out even without jackets. Food is quit expensive here. I noticed that most of the houses here are constructed alike and most of them share compounds nearby. The traffic is brilliant, everybody obeys traffic rules and lane disciplines. I wish one day traffic in India be like this. Roads and environment is always kept clean.

Most of the time me and my team (Praveen, Arun, Abel, Vibha, Teena, Pooja and Mokshda) were together. We did some shopping, walked all around the City Center, from one shop to another, here and there, ah that was a lot of walking. Tesco and Poundland were great options for getting groceries. Poundland is a great place, were you get everything for one pound. Eldon Square shopping center here is so huge that it has got entrances in all the main streets around.

Leazes Park is one of the most beautiful site near by (That picture was taken by Jerry Joel). A nice romantic place, which has all the essence of beauty. To relax your mind, just take a walk.

Millenium Bridge at the Quayside across Tyne is a master piece. The view at night is more beautiful, you can see all colours of rainbow upon the curve.




Losing Things

Thats another episode. Right after I started my journey I started losing my belongings. And it all started from the first flight. There was this book with me Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, which I gracefully forgot to take from my seat. Thats number one. Then I lost my gold chain from the Sunday night party. Someone lucky might have picked it up. Then a cap and a scarf. I lost the cap and I gave my scarf to a beautiful young lady who said she was feeling very cold. I am so generous you know. :/
Finally my phone fell down and now there is a beautiful crack from left top corner to right bottom corner. Its so artistic.

Cooking with friends
Lucky to have Arun in our group, who is a very good chef.

The University has a very vibrant students union, lots of societies and clubs and activities. I have joined the Parachute club and will be skydiving soon. Too much excited about my first solo jump.

Almost crashing now... got more to write.. will update it here later... good night for now..

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