Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I sat on my office chair as soon as I reached there. My eyes caught hold of a holiday calendar and I noticed a day named "Maharashtra Day" in it.  For reading it clearly I tried to zoom it with my mouse near by. But that mouse was pluged into the office system which I haven't switched on yet. So I turned my hands to reach for the mouse pad of my laptop which, obviously, was supposed to be in front of me. Thinking it was a touch pad I drew my fingers over the plywood desk. So my touch pad also did'nt work.

Seeing the calendar, trying to zoom with mouse, switching to touch pad (desk) - all these things were done in 2 seconds. And then I realized the calendar was hung on the desk-wall. I was looking at a physical calender and not on the system. And instead of leaning forward for reading it, I was trying to zoom it and expecting it to come closer to me. What a pity!!! How much am I addicted to this :(.

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