Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I sat on my office chair as soon as I reached there. My eyes caught hold of a holiday calendar and I noticed a day named "Maharashtra Day" in it.  For reading it clearly I tried to zoom it with my mouse near by. But that mouse was pluged into the office system which I haven't switched on yet. So I turned my hands to reach for the mouse pad of my laptop which, obviously, was supposed to be in front of me. Thinking it was a touch pad I drew my fingers over the plywood desk. So my touch pad also did'nt work.

Seeing the calendar, trying to zoom with mouse, switching to touch pad (desk) - all these things were done in 2 seconds. And then I realized the calendar was hung on the desk-wall. I was looking at a physical calender and not on the system. And instead of leaning forward for reading it, I was trying to zoom it and expecting it to come closer to me. What a pity!!! How much am I addicted to this :(.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

How many of you will blindly get a Google Credit Cart(GCC) or start a Google Bank Account(GBA)??

Hi folks,
Another day going to end successfully without any damage mentally or physically :). Today I had a new thought about Google, the trust netizens have on the Big G. As we all know Google is on a mission to make our life easier, with all the data they have, even the very personal data like your emails, your friends circle, your chats, your health records, your documents, your photos, your buying habits, your credit card numbers,your bank account details, your location, your business, your tasks list, your calendar, your stock portfolio, the sites you visit, what you are searching over net, everything and everything about you and relating to you, all in the cloud.
I believe that all these information can be used to analyse each and every person and can be used to serve people better.
What Google tries to be is to relate all your data into one unified account - Your Google Account. They are rolling out each product and you can use that product using your same Google account, very very easy. No fill up of registration information each and everytime. And Google promises not to share any information about you with the outside world.
If Google starts a financial organisation, lets say a Bank in the cloud, where opening an account will be as easy as logging into your Google Account, I'm sure all of the Googlers will definitely start an account. Well I'll do it blindly!!!. Now there is no need for a question of how to deposit money to your Google Bank Account (GBA), cause they already have your credit card number. All you have to do is to use the credit/debit card or netbanking to transfer money. Then you can do anything you do with your bank account. Cool ain't it? Same will be the case if they bring about the Google Credit Card(GCC).
Now cut it out. Don't think you are going to get a credit card or a bank account from Google. As far as I now there is no such plans going on in Google. Its just a thought and I felt it interesting to share. Hope you felt it interesting and also dreamed about having Google logo along side VISA on your credit card.

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